A Global Design Competition

IGI Expressions™ is an online jewelry design competition organized by IGI at a global level. With a vision to recognize and honor exceptional talent within our industry, this annual event invites and celebrates a diverse array of designs that embody the spirit of artistic expression.

Theme 2023

‘Abstract Design and Retro Motifs’

This year’s IGI Expressions™ theme blends modern, abstract jewelry design with timeless, retro era motifs. Designers are encouraged to draw inspiration from their everyday surroundings – whether elements in their homes, their workplaces, or beyond – placing no limits on creativity.

We invite designers to draw on personal stories and individual experiences as they approach this fusion of abstract design and retro motifs; to compose an experiential ‘visual symphony’ which transcends time – blending yesteryear’s charm with modern design elements.

Participation Segments




Participation Categories

Statement Piece

A ring, necklace, bracelet or earring: Design a distinctive statement piece that draws attention to itself through bold use of size, shape, color and complexity.

Convertible Jewelry

A piece that can be worn in more than one way; whether a compound ring which expands to a bracelet, a necklace which converts to brooch and/or earrings, or any other versatile design you conceive.

Perfume Bottle or Jewelry Box

Jewelry box: a piece that can be worn in more than one way; there is no limits to its shape, the only requirement is to have a interior place to display the jewelry.

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